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Linking Our Elders with Services and Programs

CHAIRMAN:                                                    Kelly Conway, Director

    Jim Gouveia
VICE CHAIRMAN:                                               Lori Fahey, Clerk

    Robert Brady                                                      Paula Burdick, Clerk     
    Pat Bessette                                               Chris Chausse, Van Driver

SECRETARY:                                               Elizabeth Taylor, Van Driver

    Margaret Gross                                        Peter Chiuppi, Van Driver
    Charlene Montleon                     Wilford Corey, Veteran's Agent           
    Arlene Bowles                             
    Rita Gouveia                    
               Ted Dellarrocco, Custodian & More
    Al Edwards

    Vivian Lee                                                                
    Catherine Sankus                                        (Plus Many Volunteers)
    Emily Sparkman  

    Joanne Bowes                                                    
HONORARY MEMBER:                                                                                               

    John Powderly

The Lakeville Council on Aging is a Department of the Town and is supported by local, state, federal funds, as well as  grants and donations.   The Lakeville Council on Aging was created by a unanimous vote at Town Meeting on June 26, 1972.  The vote included adoption of By-Laws in accordance with provision of Chapter 40, Section 8B of the Massachusetts General Laws.  The Article provided for a 7 Member Council appointed by the board of Selectmen.  At a special Town Meeting on October 6, 1986, the vote was to increase membership from 7 to 15 members..



The Council on Aging was established for the purpose of coordinating and carrying out programs designed to identify and meet the needs of Lakeville Residents 60 and Older. 

Once Identified, it's our responsibility to inform our elders and the community of available services.  Funding to meet these needs is provided by the Town and through various grants and donations.  We also provide a welcoming setting to socialize and explore various volunteer opportunities.